I took my first photography class in my sophomore year of high school. My teacher and mentor, Bill Islinger, once told me: “Make something good happen. It’s not luck, it’s you.” I’ve applied that lesson to every aspect of my photography since that day. I strive to fill my images with subjects and themes that inspire, engage, and capture the imagination of the viewer. My life has been equal parts implausible coincidence, unbelievable joy, absolute sadness, and random happenstance. My work, spanning across two decades, represents a juxtaposition of these equal parts: Still moments in my chaotic, motley life.

My digital work is done with my Nikon D800E. My first and true love is film. I shoot all film images with my Olympus OM1 or Canon AE-1.

Outside of my photographic endeavors, I'm an award winning writer/journalist, father of three, and a serious hip-hop enthusiast. I reside in Pittsburgh, PA, with my wife and children.